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Facebook Call To Action Buttons

Over the past couple of months Facebook has rolled out an important new feature for Business Pages -  Facebook Call To  Action Buttons.  If you are a Small Business with a Facebook Business Page, check to see if this feature has been added to your Page - it’s to the [...]

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Customer Spotlight – Medical Isotopes, Inc.

Medical Isotopes, Inc. provides stable isotope chemicals and research compounds worldwide to universities, laboratories, hospitals, and government agencies.  Established in 1985 by company founder Eric Stohler, Medical Isotopes produces a wide range of compounds labeled with Deuterium, N15, C13, O18 and metal isotopes. Among medical applications, the firm supplies Oxygen-18 [...]

December 4th, 2014|Blog, LinkedIn, Social Media|0 Comments

Customer Spotlight – Humanitarian Alliance

The Humanitarian Alliance is an advocate based non-profit organization that stringently supports the survivors of child sex trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. We specialize in getting people involved through providing knowledge and tools to fight back against child sex trafficking in their own communities.  There are more slaves today than at any [...]

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Social Media Basics: Blogs

In the world of Social Media for Small Business, creating and maintaining Blogs is one of the keystones for success: this is the core content that makes Social Media “social”.  For example, if you are a local auto mechanic or solo practitioner, a Blog is where you differentiate yourself from your [...]

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