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Bill Tice has years of experience in all facets of web technology, software design, and internet marketing for clients ranging from start-ups to global enterprises. Bill’s current focus is on helping small businesses & professionals connect the dots between the marketing potential of Social Media and their future bottom lines.

Customer Spotlight – Humanitarian Alliance

The Humanitarian Alliance is an advocate based non-profit organization that stringently supports the survivors of child sex trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. We specialize in getting people involved through providing knowledge and tools to fight back against child sex trafficking in their own communities.  There are more slaves today than at any [...]

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Social Media Basics: Blogs

In the world of Social Media for Small Business, creating and maintaining Blogs is one of the keystones for success: this is the core content that makes Social Media “social”.  For example, if you are a local auto mechanic or solo practitioner, a Blog is where you differentiate yourself from your [...]

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Customer Spotlight – The Genard Method

Inspired by theatrical techniques, The Genard Method produces confident, authentic, and memorable speakers.  A unique method of public speaking training, Dr. Gary Genard’s approach draws upon the tools, concepts, and exercises used to train actors. Versatile and intuitive, The Genard Method helps speakers at every level reach their true potential. [...]

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Social Media Basics: Websites & Blogsites

Websites & Blogsites - no matter what your Small Business is – yoga lessons, tax preparation or children's clothing – in today's world you need to be on the internet - preferably in multiple places - so that prospective customers can find you and get to know you. If you’ve been [...]

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The Roller Coaster Solution

Invariably, small businesses & entrepreneurs suffer from the Roller Coaster Problem, which is simply a TIME PROBLEM - as in, not enough time to do all the things needed to make your business grow and flourish.  The classic "roller coaster" dilemma goes like this: You have no work in-house, nothing promising looms on [...]

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Customer Spotlight – Tax & Business Services of New England

Tax & Business Services of New England is the professional accounting & tax alternative for individuals & businesses on Boston’s North Shore.  Offering a broad range of standard and customized services, its experienced staff assists clients with everything from tax strategies, to stock option planning, to executive consulting on entity [...]

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