Bad news…the folks who taught you how to market - professors, bosses, or colleagues - didn’t recognize the connection between hummingbirds, Social Media, and Websites - YOU’VE GOT 5 SECONDS OR LESS TO GET YOUR INITIAL HOOK PLANTED. That doesn’t mean they failed you, it just means their instruction occurred [...]

Time to Pay Attention to Social Media

Guess what - it really can’t be avoided anymore, you need to pay attention to Social Media. For many Small Businesses the last thing you need is something added to your plate like Social Media, right?  It’s bound to distract you and take precious time away from growing your business [...]

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Customer Spotlight – Medical Isotopes, Inc.

Medical Isotopes, Inc. provides stable isotope chemicals and research compounds worldwide to universities, laboratories, hospitals, and government agencies.  Established in 1985 by company founder Eric Stohler, Medical Isotopes produces a wide range of compounds labeled with Deuterium, N15, C13, O18 and metal isotopes. Among medical applications, the firm supplies Oxygen-18 [...]

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