With Facebook changing all pages over to the Timeline layout today, browsing around the social media site was like strolling down the boardwalk of a Summer resort town in mid January: lots of busted windows and boarded-up businesses.

Fortunately, the new format changes didn’t take everybody by surprise. Here, a look at some real estate pages to see how they celebrated this social media moment.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Boston

coldwell banker boston facebook

Panorama photo of the Charlestown Navy Yard area highlights the unique and beautiful neighborhood, and makes us want to spend a sunny afternoon at Tavern On the Water. But without any logo or signifying brand marker, this photo combo could just as easily be the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce or Capt’n Sully’s Fishing Charters.

RE/MAX Destiny, Cambridge

facebook cover photo remax cambridge

Being one of the world’s most recognizable business logos, it make sense to feature the RE/MAX balloon in this cover photo. But without a grounding geographic element, would you know that this balloon is actually soaring above Cambridge Common at Harvard Square’s Mayfair? Great photo, but not as potent as it could be.

100 Memorial Drive, Cambridge

facebook cover photo cambridge real estate

No doubt this property overlooking the Charles River has a great view, and this wide-angle cover photo certainly does it justice. And unlike the prior two examples, this page manages to convey geography, brand & beauty all in one 851 X 315 pixel area.

Jack Conway & Co.

jack conway facebook design cover

A family-owned business with a long history in Massachusetts, Jack Conway & Co. aren’t afraid to get graphical with their cover photo. While the red bar across the top is a little clunky and feels like a remnant from another design, I like the color and texture, and the photos tell a story that saves the whole piece. Add to that a classic ’50s era “Hitchcock in Hyannis” logo and I’m sold.

National Real Estate Services: Zillow

real estate social media facebook

This scenario in real life would probably make for some un-neighborly acrimony. As a cover photo, it’s a little sterile, but when you can’t sell the features of a specific location, numbers are all you’ve got.

National Real Estate Services: Trulia

trulia real estate facebook photo

The natural colors are bright and inviting, and the trove of gadgets says that Trulia is mobile and ready whenever, wherever. They’re an animated ant away from Pixar, but as is, I’m a fan.

Coming Soon?

cambridge real estate facebook channing

real estate hammond cambridge

facebook cover real estate cambridge

To be fair to the pages that don’t have a cover photo for their Timeline layout, today is the first day Facebook made the switch. I’m sure (I sure hope) most of these companies will soon “move in” to their new social media storefront, sweep the floor, and click on the sign in the front window.