Google-AnalyticsTo the relief of small businesses – whether they know it or not – Google has been moving over the past couple of years to introduce what we’ll call SEO Sanity.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term SEO, I congratulate – and envy – you for saving those brain cells, since pretty much everything has changed and those among us who spent horrendous amounts of time trying to ‘optimize SEO’ on our own (or client’s) websites have to return to the classroom.

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, which essentially means getting your website to the top of the page when people look for something (the buzz word is Organic Search).  The only player that really counts in this process is Google – Bing and Yahoo search are well-meaning but let’s be real…Google owns the internet.

Heretofore, SEO was both really complicated and somewhat technical which, of course, meant that small businesses were mostly left out in the cold – not enough time to figure it out internally and not enough budget to pay for outside expertise.  FreshWeb has had some SEO engagements for small business clients where, thankfully, we adopted a ‘get the basics in place’ approach rather than ‘let’s sequence the genome’.

Without going into details (you’re welcome), Google Search has enormously simplified things by focusing on what the Searcher is actually is looking for – and this means that Google is suddenly very interested in the actual content of your website.

There are, of course, some things you can do to make sure Google appreciates and understands your content – if you have a WordPress site, the best SEO stuff out there can be found at  The WordPress plug-in they provide is easy-to-use and provides a great page-by-page assessment of how you are likely to fare in the SEO battle.

A final resource is an absolutely terrific article “SEO Myths 2015” (click title to download) from HubSpot.  Although this essentially assumes you know about SEO and tells you what is no longer valid, it can serve as a great resource by laying out what is valid going forward.  HubSpot, btw, is a great resource not only for companies like FreshWeb but also essentially any small business – tap into their fountain of information at