5 seconds2Bad news…the folks who taught you how to market – professors, bosses, or colleagues – didn’t recognize the connection between hummingbirds, Social Media, and Websites – YOU’VE GOT 5 SECONDS OR LESS TO GET YOUR INITIAL HOOK PLANTED. That doesn’t mean they failed you, it just means their instruction occurred before 2015.

The underlying principle of traditional marketing communications is a pretty simple 3-step formula that applies to speeches, presentations, issue papers, product roll-outs, ad campaigns, etc.:

1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them
2. Tell them
3. Tell them what you told them

Guess what – you’re DEAD if you follow these rules in 2015.

HummingbirdYour potential customers are no longer the serious, patient, thoughtful decision-makers of yore…they’re pressed for time and are like hummingbirds jumping from site-to-site on their phones, tablets, and PCs to quickly run a search for ideas, new products, near-by vendors, names that ring a bell, and – for whatever reason – you.

When your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, etc. comes up on their screen, the countdown begins – you’ve got 5 seconds MAX to hook them. So what do you deliver to them? Let’s say you are selling books on Abraham Lincoln – here’s a suggestion:

  • The shortest, most powerful speech ever given in the English language is the Gettysburg Address, which would lose 80-90% of your audience IF YOU PRINTED THE TEXT on your landing page!
  • BUT show an IMAGE OF LINCOLN that links to additional images and the text and you’ll capture 30-40% of that same audience!
  • BETTER YET, show a video clip from a movie or TV of an actor giving the speech on your landing page and 85-90% of the audience will watch it.

The reaction of today’s audience to text is…GROAN & EXIT.

The reaction to images and, particularly, video clips is…CLICK, WATCH & READ.

Takes more prep time, but it’s a no-brainer if you want your potential customer to actually engage with your post.